August 24, 2017

Undecided Voters: My final pitch to earn your vote for Mayor


Dear Alice Springs Residents,


To all of the undecided voters out there – I ask for a few moments of your time.

Jimmy Cocking with partner Karine Trembley, mother Annette Cocking and son Louka Cocking.

A little over two weeks ago I introduced myself to you as a Candidate for the Mayor of this great town, Alice Springs.

It was a big call. I made it because I care deeply about this place and I truly believe I can offer you a real choice at this election.

I know it is hard to break through stereotypes and really get to know someone in such a short space of time.

Many of you may only know me as ‘Jimmy that Environment Guy’ – but I am much more than that.

Right now I want to build upon my public communications to you over recent weeks – and reassure you that I am the choice for people ready to think about what ‘a better Alice’ could look like.

Jimmy with his number 2 and 3 preferences. Catherine Satour and Donna Digby.

Over the last few weeks of my life I’ve met with thousands of our town’s residents. It has been a huge privilege for me to talk with you all – about your lives, your dreams, your concerns – and also to learn about what you want from your Mayor and Council.

In this campaign, I’ve looked beyond left-wing and right-wing alignment. Interestingly, despite all the different conversations I’ve had, there are a number of consistently important issues to residents of this town.

So I’ve decided to provide some detail on the top 5 discussion points here for everyone to see:


  • YES, I stand for strong financial management & good governance. Learn more


  • YES, I will do something about youth related issues. Learn more


  • I WILL NOT support cheap political smear campaigns, political bullying or the politics of division. Learn more


  • YES, I support real debate & intelligent debate. i am not using council as an idealogical pedestal. Learn more


  • YES, I believe in a slow, steady and responsible approach to change. Learn more


Jimmy in the Todd Mall for release of his Tourism Leadership and Todd Mall redevelopment approach. Read more here.

If there is anything here that I’ve missed; if there is anything you need me to clarify for you – please, just pick up the phone and give me a call. I will answer you openly and honestly. I want to earn your respect – and of course, your support.

In turn, if you are serious making this town a better place, please know that I will be right there with you, doing the hard work, to support you.





– Jimmy for Mayor.


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