August 16, 2017

A Big New Adventure Playground for Alice Springs!

Alice Springs has some great parks but we can do better!

If I am elected Mayor I am supporting investment into a big new adventure playground that will be a great long term asset for local families and our kids.

In fact, if we do it right it will also become a regional tourism destination in its own right.

At the moment we’ve just come out of a long community consultation process regarding our parks. I think consulting people is always great, but what actual changes have we seen?

In my opinion, I believe that Alice Springs is missing a big centrepiece park. Araluen is great but it could be better.

For example I would consider a big upgrade to the Araluen Park – or to set up a new adventure playground somewhere else.

When you take a look at what other towns and cities are doing – there is so much potential for Alice to do something great… We can consider parks with sports and fitness integrations, learning themes, water components, musical instruments… the list goes on!

What would you think? How can we make our park assets better? Would you support a big adventure playground centrepiece.



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